Aviator Predictor

With Aviator Predictor, the Aviator casino game becomes simple and easy!


Reliable predictions

Trained to predict reliable drop points, artificial intelligence behind Aviator Predictor is a pure marvel. She is able to make predictions 95% reliable. And all this for your greatest happiness. Chain the winnings by following the predictions of the application and fill your pockets.

Regular earnings

By following the predictions of Aviator Predictor, you ensure daily earnings of up to € 1000. Beautiful! Nevertheless, there are certain limits not to be exceeded in order not to have problems with blocked accounts or any other problems. Please read the documentation carefully before starting to use the application.

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Login - Registration

It is simple to use Aviator Predictor. All you have to do is create a user account and log in.

Screen Live Favorites

Once logged in, select your favorite online gambling site from the list. Then wait a few seconds for the data to load.


The big moment is finally here! Click on Start and the algorithm starts and then your prediction appears.


The figure in the application changes automatically
and you see the actual coefficient on which the airplane will crash!

Registration in application

Easily and quickly get into possession of our application at a lower cost.


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